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Adjustable Master Cylinder Push Rod

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Super duty heim-joint style master cylinder push rod adjusts in length from 6.1" to 6.8" (center of bolt to end of tip).  Fits '66-'76 A,B and E bodies equipped with manual brakes.

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Package includes new, aluminum master cylinder with large rectangular reservoir, billet aluminum 4 hole or 4 stud adapter and push rod retaining ring.


Hard to find injection molded rubber master cylinder push-rod retaining clip.  This is the grommet that locks the push rod to the master cylinder piston.  Fits any '62 and newer Mopar A, B, C, E body as well as pickups and vans equipped with a MANUAL BRAKE master cylinder and manual brake push-rod. 
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Zinc plated vent bolt retains the brake tee located on most Mopar rear wheel drive vehicles

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