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7/8" Small-Bore Rear Wheel Cylinders (Pair)

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Corrects rear brake bias when multi-piston front calipers and are installed on '65 and newer Mopar muscle cars equipped with rear drum brakes.
Top quality US made parts fit all '65 - '89 Mopar 10" and 11" rear wheel drive, rear drum brakes.  
Kit includes 2 wheel cylinders and 4 grade 8 flange bolts.

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Package includes new, aluminum master cylinder with large rectangular reservoir, billet aluminum 4 hole or 4 stud adapter and push rod retaining ring.


11.75" front disc brake kit includes all new hardware.  The package fits '62-'72 B-bodies, '67-'76 A-bodies and '70-'74 E-bodies.

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Mopar A, B, and E Body front brake line selector allows you to pick hard lines and flex hoses for your car, master cylinder, and disc or drum combination.

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