8 3/4" Cone Sure-Grip Shim Pack

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These shims are used to restore lash between the side gear teeth and spider gear teeth during a Borg Warner cone Sure-Grip rebuild. This is necessary when the cones become worn and bottom out inside the carrier.

Kit includes 2 hardened steel 0.030" thick side gear shims and 2 hardened steel cupped side gear thrust washers.

1. Machine the base of the cone 0.040".
2. Coat the sides of the cone with black EP grease
3. Install the large diameter shim between the cone and side gear
4. Replace the original cupped washers with the new pair
5. Use a pair of axles to align the side gear splines and axle splines during assembly.
6. Torque 3/8" case-half bots to 50 lbs with red Loc-Tite