Axle Pkg Stock Length Mopar 5X4 1/2" Bolt Pattern (pair)

You may not have your car's original housing. Please verify that your housing matches the measurements given above. Measurements are OUTSIDE HOUSING END TO OUTSIDE HOUSING END.

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Tapered roller bearing options are shipped loose (uninstalled) and include T-bolts, billet adjusters, gaskets and seals
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DoctorDiff high-strength, 30 or 35 spline axle package includes lug studs and Green sealed wheel bearings INSTALLED.  Original-style tapered roller bearings with T-bolts billet adjusters, gaskets and seals are optional with 8 3/4" 30 spline axles, but buyer is responsible for installing them.

A-body "big bolt pattern conversion axles" fit any '65 and newer, 5 x 4 1/2" Mopar spec rear disc or rear drum brake assembly. These axles will NOT fit 5 x 4" bolt pattern brake assemblies, backing plates or re-drilled drums

  • 8 3/4" rears came standard with 30 spline axles. Running 35 spline axles in an 8 3/4" rearend requires a spool (not Mark Williams).
  • A popular upgrade for cars with 8 3/4" rears is to swap the original rearend for a cut down Dana 60 truck housing with 30 spline axles.
  • Mopar passenger cars equipped with Dana 60 rearends came with 35 spline axles.

Please make sure you know what you have before buying replacement parts! Custom length axles are available here.