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Bendix Style Dual Diaphragm Booster


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Reproduction Bendix dual diaphragm brake booster provides maximum assist for high performance applications:

  • '66-'70 B-bodies with optional firewall stiffening plate and under-dash linkage
  • '71-'74 B-bodies and '70-'74 E-bodies includes firewall stiffening plate and under-dash linkage 
  • DoctorDiff Hemi under-hood linkage mimic units originally installed only on 426 Hemi cars.  Special offset linkage facilitate easy valve cover removal and simple installation.

Choose A, B and E body versions as well as several iron or aluminum master cylinder configurations.

All master cylinder ports exit toward the fender-well

Add 1 1/8" bore reproduction master cylinder for firm pedal feel

Add 1 1/32" bore iron master cylinder for added line pressure at the calipers

Add 15/16" bore aluminum master cylinder for maximum line pressure when running 2 and 4 piston brake calipers.

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