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Billet Steel Housing Ends

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DoctorDiff housing end kit fits Mopar spec brakes and MO-400/ST-400 snap-ring style Green wheel bearings.

Kit includes 2 precision machined, billet steel housing ends with generous bevel for weld penetration. 10 brake backing plate studs with nuts and 2 inner axle seals are optional.

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Spring perches fit GM 12 bolt, Mopar 8 3/4", Dana 60, Ford 9" and other rearends.

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Zinc plated vent bolt retains the brake tee located on most Mopar rear wheel drive vehicles


Ford Motorcraft limited slip additive is recommended for Mopar 8.75" and Dana 60 clutch or cone style sure-grips.  1 bottle controls clutch sticking and chatter.

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