A-body offset adapter increases clearance between the master cylinder and valve cover

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Mopar A, B, and E Body rear axle brake line selector allows you to pick hard lines, flex hoses, brass tee, and vent bolt for your disc or drum combination.

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Mopar drum brake assembly includes powder-coated backing plates, new wheel cylinders, new hardware and new drums installed.


Handy kit includes the necessary components to rebuild 10 x 2 1/2" or 11 x 2 1/2" Mopar rear drum brakes

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Brass tee is used to join steel 3/16" brake tubing to the center flex hose on '62-'74 era Mopar 8.75" and Dana 60 rearends. 
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Reproduction forged steel disc brake knuckles fit '62-'72 B-bodies, '70-'74 E-bodies and '67-'76 A-bodies.

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Reproduction splash shields fit '73 and newer A,B,E,F,M,J and R body disc brake knuckles.

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Drilled/slotted/plated 11.75" or 10.95" rotors fit '73 and newer OEM and Reproduction Mopar A/B/E/F/M/J/R Body knuckles.  For use with pin or slider type calipers.

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DOT stainless front brake flex hose kit with 9/16" banjo bolts, crush-washers and hose clips.  Available in 15" or 18" for front or rear mount calipers.