Dana 60

Choose ring gear bolts for Mopar 8 3/4" or Dana 60

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Package fits aftermarket axles tapped for 1/2" screw-in studs.  Use with disc brakes and thick wheels for NHRA drag racing requirements.

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New, super duty Mopar shock plates fit any '64-'76 A-Body, '62-72 B-Body, '64-'72 C-Body and '70-'74 E-Body equipped with standard 3" axle tubes.  Will not fit 7.25" rearends.

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All S60 Rear Assemblies come fully set-up with housing ends, axle bearings, breather vent, filler plug, drain plug and Lucas oil.  Your choice of width, perches, axles, carrier, studs, pinion yoke, cover, and pinion snubber.  Uses Dana 60 components.

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Mopar Tapered Axle Bearing Package