3/8"-24 x 1 1/4" T-bolts and nuts

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Precision Set 20 (A20) tapered wheel bearing kit includes 2 bearings, 2 lock rings, 2 external oil seals and your choice of 2 old style (1/2" bolt holes) or late (3/8" holes) big Ford bearing retainers.  Fits Torino, big Ford new style housing ends.

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Pair Ford 8" and SMALL Ford 9" wheel bearing kit


28 or 31 spline Ford 9" Traction Lock posi.


Ford 9" third member with original case, pinion support, and 1330 pinion yoke. New forged steel traction lock, Koyo bearings, and your choice of gears.


Motive Performance Ford 9" street/strip 3.50, 3.70 or 4.11 ring and pinions set up easily and run quiet

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Super duty FORGED STEEL 1350 or 1330 28 spline U-bolt pinion yoke (4" long).  Yoke is black oxide plated for corrosion protection.  Package includes U-bolts.

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Ford 9" nodular iron third member w/ heavy duty case, "Daytona" pinion support, 1350 pinion yoke, 31 spline traction lock, Koyo bearings, and choice of gears.


Ford 9" solid pinion bearing spacer kit includes shims used to set pinion bearing preload.  Kits for standard or heavy duty "Daytona" pinion support.

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