Handy kit includes the small parts required to perform a Mopar 8 3/4" gear swap.


Lightweight 30 and 35 spline spool fits all 8 3/4" castings and all ratios.

Premium quality inner axle seal fits OEM '65-'74 8.75" housings
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DoctorDiff Sure-Trac II is a fully machined, forged steel 8.75" differential with helical worm gears similar to an Eaton True-Trac.
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8.75" Eaton True-Trac fits all 8.75" castings all ratios and all stock axles.

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These shims are used to restore lash between the side gear teeth and spider gear teeth during a Borg Warner cone Sure-Grip rebuild.
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Reproduction 8 3/4" clutch sure-grip ("powr-lok") includes upgraded 1 piece 30 spline side gears and 4340 cr-mo spider gears


Mopar 8 3/4" 489, 741, or 742 case bearing rebuild kit


New, nodular iron 489 casting built with forged steel caps, billet adjusters, crush sleeve eliminator and choice of ratio, yoke, clutch sure-grip or spool.