Front Disc Brake Caliper Brackets for 11.75" on Drum Knuckles


DoctorDiff disc conversion caliper brackets fit '62-72 B and E body Mopar DRUM knuckles. 

Powder-coated steel brackets include stainless flex hoses, bearing spacers, inner axle seals and hardware.

Simply remove your front brake drum components and bolt these brackets to the original knuckles.

Source the extra components online or from you local parts store to complete the project.

You will also need the following parts:

  • 1 pair, GM "metric" calipers.  (ie '80 MonteCarlo/S-10).  I recommend the aftermarket version with 2.75" bore.
  • 1 pair, '78 Chrysler Cordoba 11.75" front brake rotors
  • 2 Set 17 (A17/BR17) inner bearings
  • 2 Set 2  A2/BR2) outer bearings
  • 2 dust caps (Dorman # 618-101)
  • 1 Adjustable proportioning valve

Add 1 1/32" bore aluminum master cylinder package.


Caliper brackets must bolt to outside surface of steering knuckle, facing REAR of car.

I recommend CPP aftermarket GM Metric calipers with 2.75" bore. If you run OEM calipers, you must remove the inside edge of the protrusion around the fluid port to allow for hose clearance.

Mount calipers facing rear of car, with bleeder valves facing up.

Carefully route flex hose (inward from caliper and down slightly), avoiding contact with steering components.

Check hose routing while steering lock to lock.