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Green Bearings (PAIR)

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Pair MO-400 snap ring style Mopar "Green" wheel bearing kit includes

  • 2 non-adjustable sealed bearings
  • 2 retainers
  • 2 gaskets
  • 2 lock rings

Fits 8 3/4" and Mopar Dana 60 passenger car rearends.  Get $5 off if you also purchase a housing gasket/seal kit.

Other than the lip seal, the bearings do not need to be greased.

The bearings simply press on. The sequence of parts is the same as the original wheel bearings.


  1. Remove old bearings
  2. Drop the 5 hole retaining plate over the axle shaft
  3. Grease the seal on the new bearings
  4. Press the bearing tight against the axle flange with the seal facing the axle flange.
  5. Press the lock-ring tight against the bearing.
Note: Install the gray foam gasket between the brake backing plate and 5 hole retaining plate.

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