11.7" Rear Disc Brake Kit


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DoctorDiff 11.7" rear disc brake kit fits Mopar A,B,E bodies equipped with 5 x 4.5" bolt pattern 8.75" and Mopar spec Dana 60 rearends.

Unlike most other kits, this super-clean version works with OEM adjustable/tapered wheel bearings as well as Green ball wheel bearings.  This kit is recommended for 13" front brakes and 17" and larger wheels.

Kit includes all new parts:

  • 2 billet aluminum 1 piece caliper brackets
  • 2 Cobra rear calipers with parking brake mechanism and semi-metallic brake pads
  • 2 vented/drilled/slotted/plated 11.7" rotors
  • 2 stainless DOT flex hoses with hardware