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Stainless Front Brake Flex Hose Kit


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Pair, DOT stainless front brake flex hoses fit '62-'72 Mopar B-bodies, '64-'76 A-bodies and '70-'74 E-bodies equipped with slider calipers ONLY. Does NOT fit pin type calipers.

Kit includes 7/16" banjo bolts, crush-washers and hose clips.

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Pair, NEW '73-'89 Mopar front SLIDER type calipers are assembled with brake pads and clips.

BLACK powder-coated front calipers fit '73 and newer SLIDER type caliper brackets found on many Mopar A,B,E,F,M,J and R bodies equipped with original or OEM type Mopar front disc brake conversions. 

These calipers DO NOT fit PIN type caliper brackets.

These calipers DO NOT fit any full-size Mopar C body, truck or van.

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Upgrade stock 10.95" diameter disc brakes to 11.75" Cordoba rotors.

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Front wheel bearing package fits popular '73 and newer Mopar A,B,E,F,M,J body 10.95" and 11.75" rotors

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