Violet Cut album (CD)

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LL Music Project is an ALL ORIGINAL, collaborative rock/hard rock album co-produced by DoctorDiff. Lead vocalist/lyricist, Lorelei writes with her former band members from the '80s, as well as younger musicians joining their team effort. It is a “Now & Then” thing. They completed many of the productions at The Tone Factory, located in Las Vegas, and continue to partner sessions with them. This professionally recorded album incorporates '70s-'80s style power chords and heavy drum beats with a modern edge.

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Track list. Click title for sample!   

  1. The Call
  2. Smile Roni
  3. Dish Me Up
  4. Hold On
  5. Life Goes On
  6. Believers
  7. WarCry
  8. If I Was In Love
  9. Down & Wild
  10. FanCat
  11. The Other Side
  12. Once In A Lie