Viper Caliper Mounting Brackets for Mopar DRUM Knuckles


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***Kit does not include knuckles, ball joints, or calipers.  Rotors are optional.  These parts are pictured for illustration only.

Fit '2002 and earlier (first generation) Viper front calipers and 11.75" x 1.25" rotors on Mopar '62-'72 B-bodies and '70-'72 E-bodies equipped with stock DRUM knuckles.  Choose second option for '73-'76 A-Bodies.

Kit includes:

  • Pair, super-clean billet aluminum caliper brackets with mounting hardware and shim pack.
  • Pair, DOT stainless flex hoses with banjo bolts and crush washers
  • Set, Timken wheel bearings, seals and grease caps
  • A-Body option includes outer bearing adapter sleeve
  • 11.75" drilled/slotted/plate rotor is optional

Source the extra components online or from you local parts store to complete the project.

You will also need the following parts:

  • For B/E Bodies, you will need 1 pair '69-'72 C-body (ie Chrysler New Yorker) 11.75" front brake rotors if not purchased with the kit
  • For A Bodies, you will need 1 pair '75-'85 two wheel drive half-ton Dodge pickup rotors if not purchased with the kit 
  • 1 pair, 2002 and older Viper front calipers and brake pads.