Viper-Style 13" Front Disc Brake Kit (Stage 4) Calipers and Pads NOT Included


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Repro 73+ fit all A and E Bodies and '72 and older B Bodies.

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DoctorDiff Viper-Style front disc brake kit includes:
  • Billet aluminum hubs
  • Timken bearings
  • Billet aluminum caliper brackets
  • Choice of 1 piece or 2 piece drilled/slotted/plated 13 x 1.25" rotors
  • DOT stainless flex hoses
  • Hardware
  • Customer must source 2003 and newer Viper front calipers and pads
  • Calipers must face REAR of the vehicle. This may require swapping spindles side to side.

Two kits are offered.
Kit E fits:
1970-1972 B/E-body disc knuckles
Kit F fits:
1973 and newer, reproduction and OEM A/B/E/F/M/J/R body disc knuckles
** Calipers must be mounted facing the rear of the vehicle.  Original and new knuckles can be swapped side to side.
** Calipers protrude 0.7" from the wheel mounting surface of the rotor hat.  The outside diameter of the caliper measures approximately 16" from the center of the spindle.  Check your caliper clearance as most 18" wheels will clear, but poorly designed 17" wheels may not clear.