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Wilwood 11.75" Front Disc Brake Kit (Stage 2 Plus)


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Drilled/slotted/plated rotors may be drop-shipped from the suppler and may require an additional week

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'72 and older A-Bodies with stock upper control arms require upper ball joint tapered adapters. You must also install '73-'76 A-Body lower ball joints.

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Wilwood on 11.75" front disc brake kit includes all new hardware. The package fits '62-'72 B-bodies, '67-'76 A-bodies and '70-'74 E-bodies. This is the largest brake package that fits 15" wheels.

Included in kit:

  • 4-piston (1.75 bore) black, power-coated Wilwood calipers with brake pads
  • Billet steel 11.75" caliper brackets
  • Reproduction Forged Steel Knuckles
  • 11.75" rotors
  • DOT Stainless flex hoses
  • Timken Set 17 (A17/BR17) inner bearings
  • Timken Set 2 (A2/BR2) outer bearings
  • Grease Caps
  • Splash Shields
  • Hardware

EXPLODED VIEW: Mopar A/B/E body front disc brake assembly. See below:

Exploded view


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