Wilwood Caliper Brackets for 11.75" rotor, '73 up DISC spindles Mopar A/B/E body

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Excellent quality billet steel caliper brackets adapt Wilwood 4-piston calipers to '73 and newer Mopar spec disc brake spindles. These parts fit 15" and larger disc brake spec wheels. They do NOT fit 14" wheels

The package fits '62-'72 B-bodies, '67-'76 A-bodies and '70-'74 E-bodies equipped with OEM or aftermarket '73 and newer A,B,E,F,M,J,R body disc brake spindles and '78 Cordoba 11.75" rotors.

**Calipers must be mounted facing the rear of the vehicle. This may require swapping your existing spindles side to side.

DoctorDiff Wilwood on 11.75" front caliper bracket kit includes:

  • 2 billet steel caliper brackets
  • 8 12-point caliper bolts with washers
  • 1 Wilwood shim pack - used to center the caliper over the rotor
  • 2 DOT stainless flex hoses with clips and fittings - Mount calipers to the REAR only

You will also need:

  • Pair, Wilwood # 120-6815 or 120-13845 4-piston calipers and brake pads
  • Pair, '78 Cordoba 11.75" rotors
  • Pair, '73 and newer Mopar disc brake spindles


INSTALLATION – Install the spindles/knuckles per the service manual instructions facing the rear ONLY. Note that the knuckles are symmetrical and can be installed on either side. You may need to switch the knuckles side to side in order to mount the calipers to the rear of the spindle. Bolt the enclosed caliper adapters onto the spindle using the enclosed high strength bolts. Torque factory hardware per service manual guidelines. The Wilwood calipers mount to the caliper adapters using the enclosed 3/8– 24 bolts. Torque these bolts to 40 ft-lb using moly lube. Contact Wilwood for specific brake pad recommendations or visit their website. These calipers require a Wilwood type 7112 pad.