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11.25" Rear Disc Brake Kit

Specify if you have chosen custom parking brake cables
Note, snap-ring style Green bearings are mandatory for this kit
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DoctorDiff 11.25" Explorer type rear disc brake kit fits Mopar A,B,E bodies equipped with 8.75" and Dana 60 rearends.
This OEM quality rear brake package pairs nicely with the Stage 2 11.75" front disc brake kit. It clears most 15" disc brake spec wheels EXCEPT Magnum, Rallye and 450 style wheels. Snap-ring style Green wheel bearings are required.

Kit includes all new parts:

  • 2 loaded backing plates with internal parking brake shoes
  • 2 black, powder-coated Explorer calipers with brake pads
  • 2 11.25" rotors
  • 2 stainless DOT flex hoses with hardware
  • 2 snap-ring style Green wheel bearings
*Add $25 for rear disc brake lug studs

**Add $25 for drilled/slotted/plated rotors

***Add $100 for custom parking brake cables (please specify year and make of car)

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